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Supporting Beginning Farmers in Scaling-up into Wholesale Production
[Progress Report]

Award Amount: $563,810
Grant Program: 2018 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: Katie Nixon
Organization: West Central Missouri Community Action Agency


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Project Overview

This project is providing support and training to beginning growers as they begin to navigate new market opportunities. This project is providing farmers with on-farm technical assistance and ongoing mentorship from established growers; crop planning, business and marketing skills from regional experts all while providing connections to wholesale opportunities. The demand for local is increasing: nearly fifteen million people live within 250 miles of Kansas City and our beginning farmers want to reach this market. Selling at farmers markets and through CSA demand different skills than the wholesale market requires. To bridge this skill gap, we are conducting thirteen workshops providing an in-depth knowledge of wholesale markets, crop planning by plant family, season extension, marketing, business and transition planning. A ‘Demystifying Wholesale Markets’ guidebook will provide scripts, sample record-keeping materials, infrastructure design, relationship development and branding skills to our farmers. Activities are guided by an advisory board of new and established growers, buyers, non-profit and university personnel to direct activities and resources to be most responsive to opportunities. Wholesale market development is co-emerging as staff works to grow new buyers through education and promotion. Finally, the project ties all the pieces together through an extensive GIS map that includes farms, market opportunities, food rescue and agriculture inputs companies by creating a comprehensive map of the foodshed.

Number of Participants: 244


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