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Education, Outreach, and Training to Alaska Native Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
[Final Report]

Award Amount: $427,740
Grant Program: 2014 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: Christy Cincotta
Organization: Tyonek Tribal Conservation District


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Project Overview

This project provided training, education, outreach and technical assistance to Alaska Native Beginning Farmers and Ranchers associated with tribal conservation districts throughout Alaska. The primary goal for the project was to enhance food security in Alaska Native Villages by increasing knowledge, skills, and tools for Alaska Native socially disadvantaged beginning farmers and ranchers to create sustainable agricultural systems and informed decisions on its operations in communities. To achieve the project goals, TTCD developed, organized, and implemented a mixed-method Education/Training and Outreach Program aimed at Alaska Native Beginning Farmers and Ranchers. TTCD held in-person workshops, implemented and modeled conservation practices, created planning and business resources, and created videos that were shared with beginning farmers and ranchers. Project staff and partners provided support and technical assistance linking Alaska Native Beginning Farmers and Ranchers with resources and programs that enhance and support the start up of local farms in Alaska Native Villages to provide food, encourage community development, and support jobs for local farmers.
Goal #1 - Improve food security in low income rural Alaska Native Villages (ANVs) that have limited access to supermarkets.
Objective 1.1 - Develop, organize, and implement a mixed-method Education/Training Program for Alaska Native Beginning Farmers and Ranchers (ANBFR).
Objective 1.2 - Develop, organize, and implement Outreach Program to Alaska Tribal Conservation Districts (ATCDs) and ANBFRs in their community.
Goal #2 - Encourage low cost, sustainable, and effective farming methods for socially disadvantaged ANBFRs in ANVs.
Objective 2.1 - Document and share low cost conservation practice demonstrations in Tyonek's Farm using local resources to be duplicated by other ANVs and ANBFRs.
Objective 2.2 - Create a business plan to support business operations and development for Tyonek's Farm and as an educational tool for the Education/Training and Outreach Programs.
Objective 2.3 - Provide technical assistance to ANBFR on planning, programs supporting local food production, and funding opportunities.

Number of Participants: 449


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