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Developing Opportunities and Growing Business of Limited-Resource and Native American Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in Arizona
[Final Report]

Award Amount: $600,000
Grant Program: 2018 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: Russell Tronstad
Organization: The University of Arizona


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Project Overview

This proposal emphasizes the priority topic areas of:  basic livestock and crop farming practices; entrepreneurship and business training; financial and risk management training; diversification and marketing strategies; curriculum development; mentoring; and resources/referral. Our target audience will directly reach 7 larger reservations in AZ and limited-resource Beginning Ranchers and Farmers in the southeast, central, northeast, and northwest regions of the State. BRs have never been targeted from these regions before and many new BRs (42 districts @ about 7/district) plus ranch hands have been identified through the AZ Assoc. of Conservation Districts. Of the 17 locations proposed, 5 locations include growing the enterprises of BFs that started during the PDs last BFRDP. To address the desire for more resources and expertise through one-on-one assistance, 6 County Ag Agents and 6 Tribal Agents have been brought on board. As requested from prior participants, we are also integrating several farm and ranch field days into our management schools. Each BF and BR participant will be solicited to attend a management school every quarter. To develop synergies between BFs and BRs, content that is relevant for both crop and livestock producers (e.g., FSA loan programs, niche marketing, recordkeeping) will be provided in-between crop and livestock oriented curriculum at the same locations when possible. We expect to reach at least 355 unique BFs and BRs. Management topics proposed include: livestock nutrition, mineral supplementation, reproduction, pests, diseases, irrigation, and frost cloth as a moisture, pest, and marketing tool for specialty crops. 

Number of Participants: 490


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