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Outreach, Training, and Technical Assistance Project for Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in Virginia
[Final Report]

Award Amount: $600,000
Grant Program: 2017 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: William Crutchfield


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Project Overview

Overall goal of this project was to empower socially disadvantaged and veteran beginning farmers and ranchers (SDVBFR) in Virginia, by equipping them with tools and skills needed to make informed decisions in owning and operating successful farm businesses, through outreach, training, technical assistance, and mentoring, in a holistic manner, thereby enhancing their economic opportunities and quality of life. The supporting objectives are to: 1) Enhance the ability of SDVBFR to rent, own, and transfer farmlands successfully; 2) Improve the knowledge and skills of SDVBFR in financial, farm business planning and management; 3) Enhance the skills and ability of SDVBFR to implement alternative, profitable, and environmentally friendly production practices; 4) Increase marketing activities for SDVBFR by identifying new markets, connecting them to existing markets, and assisting them with effective marketing strategies; 5) Build the capacity of project partners. The project targets SDVBFR in 54 Virginia counties. These audiences have been traditionally undeserved and have been plagued by several barriers such as: high start-up costs, limited access to credit and capital, lack of knowledge on land acquisition and transition process, lack of skills in agribusiness and financial planning, lack of adequate production skills, and limited access to existing and viable markets. Virginia State University, in a continued partnership, with Virginia Tech’s Virginia Beginning Farmer/Rancher Program (VT-BFRP), is addressing these barriers by using the “Whole Farm Planning” curriculum developed by VT-BFRP, as a tool to train these farmers. This progress report covers the first year performance of this three-year project. In a preliminary evaluation of all activities conducted so far, 94% of the participants indicated an increased knowledge, while 6% indicated little or no in increase knowledge. Accomplishments so far were in line with project objectives and timetable. Second year of the project will mainly focus on production and marketing activities. 

Number of Participants: 170


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