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Advancing Immigrants and Refugees Toward Farm Ownership and Building Learning Networks Thro
[Progress Report]

Award Amount: $749,548
Grant Program: 2021 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: Maria Moreira
Organization: World Farmers Inc


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Project Overview

The long-term goal of this three-year project and beyond is to move immigrant and refugee farmers along the beginning farmer continuum toward building successful farming enterprises and fulfilling their dream to own, operate their own farms and become a part of the American agricultural system. Through this project, World Farmers is facilitating farmer-to-farmer mentoring and providing customized support and technical assistance to beginning immigrant and refugee farmers to build capacity in business development, production strategies in the New England climate, and ultimately acquisition of their own farmland. This project will serve the immigrant and refugee farmers across 25 countries of origin in World Farmers’ Flats Mentor Farm program. World Farmers and each project partner are dedicated to providing individualized support and services to beginning FMF farmers along each stage of their agricultural development journey. 

Number of Participants: 282


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