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The Beginning Farmer Support Collective is an effort to enhance the services provided to beginning farmers in King County by joining resources of three farmer training organizations and the County.
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Award Amount: $597,846
Grant Program: 2017 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: Sarah Collier
Organization: Tilth Alliance


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Project Overview

The Beginning Farmer Support Collaborative created an active network of beginning farmer training programs across King County, Washington to provide new farmers with education, technical support on a variety of issues, and guidance to find affordable land to initiate and maintain farming. The project’s first year has contributed to the long-term vision of the project team where King County, home to a more than $6 billion food market, will be a place where small farms can thrive, and where beginning farmers are supported from their initial interest in farming, to when they become independent operators of economically viable farms. Tilth Alliance, SnoValley Tilth and Viva Farms King County, that have separately been successful farmer training programs have partnered together with King County. The collaborative has strengthened each individual training program through discussing and sharing common best practices in recruitment, production, and marketing. The collaborative has also adopted common evaluation metrics as well as coordinating resources and generating a shared calendar of events. The collaborative has coordinated outreach, marketing and technical assistance through promoting each partner organization’s workshops, farm tours, and events to all interested incubator farmers. Workshops, networking events, and web resources on FarmLink are providing beginning farmers and land owners with tools, education and technical assistance to increase land access and facilitate future land transfers. The coordinated efforts initiated this first year will develop further in the next two years to extend and expand education, training, and sustainable practices to reach new farmers.

Number of Participants: 39


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