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Bundling Selected USDA Programs and Application of Cooperative Approach to Enhance Beginning Farmers in Developing Viable Farms in Treasure
[Final Report]

Award Amount: $330,828
Grant Program: 2016 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: Samuel Scott
Organization: North-South Institute


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Project Overview

The project’s long term goal bundles USDA Programs and offer them using a cooperative and agribusiness development approach to increase the participation of 35 New and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers (BFR) in three selected Treasure Coast counties in Florida (this was expanded to a fourth county). This is accomplished by providing education, outreach, technical assistance, facilitation of resource mobilization and training in production and marketing of selected specialty crops, small livestock and honey bee enterprises.  The ultimate goal is to use the principles of cooperative and agribusiness development, leadership and management to form agribusinesses and cooperative to serve 35 out-grower farms owned and operated by beginning underserved producers.  The project is implemented in three phases over 36 months: Phase I- Information dissemination, Cooperative and Agribusiness development, & Planning, Phase II- Training and Technical Assistance, and Demonstration and Phase III- Facilitate Asset Acquisition Assistance and Evaluation.  The partnership has completed phases one and two, with the development of three agribusiness groups on 275 acres (including 86 acres of out of production citrus land) in the pre-cooperative stages developing farms ranging from 5-20 acres.

Number of Participants: 37


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