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Hawaii Institute of Pacific Agriculture Beginning Farmer Training Program
[Final Report]

Award Amount: $49,999
Grant Program: 2022 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Education Projects
Project Director: Dash Kuhr
Organization: Hawaii Institute of Pacific Agriculture


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Project Overview

The Hawaii Institute of Pacific Agriculture (HIP Ag) will offered a 9-month beginner farmer training program (BFTP) to North Kohala‚Äôs novice growers, forming a cohort of 9 farmers that attended 85% + of the offerings. Over the course of 9 months we had 36 individuals participate in some of the classes. The program's overarching goal was to train farmers while increasing regional crop production to meet the needs of the Kohala Food HUB (KFH), Kupuna Care Box program, Farm to School (F2S) programs, and other local market demands. We provided education in crop-specific workshops, as well as training in soil fertility, food safety, market gardening, greenhouse growing, agroforestry, crop design, native Hawaiian crop cultivation, traditional canoe crop cultivation, traditional Hawaiian farming techniques, harvesting, and business planning. This program consisted of 14 agriculture classes with agricultural experts teaching skill-building workshops, on-farm instruction, online readings, and 2 field trips. This program was attended by  community members, the Kohala Food Hub farmer vendors and 5 HIP Ag farm residential apprentices. In 2023, HIP Ag created a network of experienced farmers with the beginning farmers to increase the regional production of produce and food security. These efforts supported an increase in the number of growers and the quality and quantity of the food they produce while increasing overall community access to nutritious food. HIP Ag will provided the farmers in training with the skills, knowledge, and plant material necessary to aid beginning farmers in starting independent operations or in adding crop diversity to existing farm operations and revenue streams.

Number of Participants: 36


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