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Developing Quick-Response Tools for Rapid Farm Redevelopment, and Expansion of Farming Capacities of Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in 12 Selected Florida Counties
[Final Report]

Award Amount: $442,616
Grant Program: 2019 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: Samuel Scott
Organization: North-South Institute


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Project Overview

The project goal includes implementing a program to arrest  the decline of Beginning Farmers and Ranchers (BFRs) and expand new producers in the lower twelve (12) Florida counties, through education, outreach, technical assistance, training, and access to Federal programs over three (3) years. This is achieved by building their capacities and strengthening their skillsets leading towards the development of viable farms and ranches.  The project targets forty (40) BFRs consisting of Socially Disadvantaged, Veteran, Women Tenant, Urban and Limited Resource farmers and ranchers engaged in Specialty Crops, Small Livestock, and Honeybee Enterprises.  To date working with forty five (45) BFRs the shocks from natural disasters and lack of access to capital have been minimized with initial steps taken to develop sustainable markets.  

The objectives and corresponding activities are (i) development and adoption of two Quick Response Tools for Rapid Farm Redevelopment and Expansion; (ii) training and (iii) technical assistance in farm business planning, leadership, management, climate-smart farm production (specialty crops, small livestock, and honey bee), food safety, recordkeeping, marketing, land leasing, microlending, cooperative development, postharvest and processing technologies.  The expected producer outcomes are (i) 12% [5] develop a pre-cooperative cluster; (ii) 30% [12] develop profitable farms as defined by stabilized annual incomes; (iii) 30% [12] are engaged in enterprises that show improvement in cash flow on an annual basis; (iv) at least 25% [10] develop Individual Small On-Farm Resilient Funds; and (v) 30% [12] utilize the Small Farm Update and Communication App (FarmTalk-Forum).

Number of Participants: 53


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