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Indigenous Farm Hub: Beginning Farmers & Ranchers Curriculum Development Project
[Progress Report]

Award Amount: $91,039
Grant Program: 2021 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: Alan Brauer
Organization: Tides Center


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Project Overview

One Generation engaged in a planning and curriculum development BFRDP project to build its capacity to educate, mentor, and provide technical assistance to beginning Indigenous farmers and ranchers in New Mexico and the southwest. This project addressed challenges, including disconnected Indigenous agricultural traditions and knowledge of Indigenous farming practices, a lack of profitability of Indigenous farms/ranches, and lack of trainings specific to the needs of farmers in the southwest. One Generation produced a comprehensive set of curricula with Indigenous language, practices, and cultural concepts incorporated, to improve prosperity and strengthen food, cultural, and land sovereignty for Indigenous peoples.

In partnership with the Native American Community Academy and the University of New Mexico Community Engagement Center, 100% of BFRDP funds were used to address the needs of socially disadvantaged and/or limited resource beginning farmers or ranchers. During the Planning Project, One Generation hosted six community convenings; formalized an Advisory Committee composed of Indigenous agricultural and language experts, beginning farmers and ranchers, and community partners; catalogued existing lessons, training modules, and established new curriculum in five key learning strands that were identified by our communities; incorporated intergenerational Indigenous knowledge and practices into the core curriculum and learning activities; tested delivery of curriculum; and both created an action plan to develop a fellowship/residency program, as well as launched our Farmers-in-Residence Program a year earlier than anticipated.

Number of Participants: 170


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