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Farmer Education and Enterprise Development (FEED) for beginning, socially-disadvantaged (BSD) farmers in the Salinas Valley
[Final Report]

Award Amount: $600,000
Grant Program: 2016 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: Christopher Brown
Organization: ALBA


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Project Overview

1. Project Title: Farmer Education and Enterprise Development (FEED) Project

2. Project Director(s): Chris Brown and Nathan Harkleroad of ALBA

3. Project Description: The FEED goal was to educate and train 150 beginning and socially disadvantaged (BSD) farmers to plan, launch, and/or sustainably establish independent organic farm businesses. ALBA exceeded its goal by training 250+ participants through workshops and technical assistance, and incubating 86 farm businesses. Of these 86 farm businesses, 57 continue to farm in 2019. FEED primarily served low-income Latinos in the Salinas Valley – many of whom are immigrant farm workers -- helping them achieve the dream of farm ownership and economic independence.

ALBA was able to achieve this goal with its 100 acres of organic land; a well-qualified team; an intensive, multi-year farmer development program; and, most importantly, the determination of its participants.  Furthermore, ALBA coordinated with four longstanding partner organizations to expand services to farmers, including during the transition off ALBA’s land. FEED’s objectives focused on all stages of BSD farmer development from start-up through farm incubation and transition from ALBA land and finally to maturation.

Obj. 1: Farmers receive intensive education and TA to prepare for and launch farm businesses.

Obj. 2: Farms strengthened through intensive production and business development services.

Obj. 3: Farms receive transition and business consulting services to firmly establish independent farm businesses off of ALBA ground.

The FEED consortium provided a comprehensive farmer development program leveraging the agricultural skills of BSD farmers to capitalize on growing markets for locally-produced, organic food. FEED combined affordable access to resources, intensive production and business assistance and linkages to loans and key business services needed to establish a farm business.

4. Collaborating Organizations:

a. California FarmLink
b. Carlson Food Safety Consulting
c. Community Alliance with Family Farmers
d. Kitchen Table Advisors

Number of Participants: 189


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