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Global Growers Farmer Development Initiative
[Progress Report]

Award Amount: $598,095
Grant Program: 2017 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: Robin Chanin
Organization: Global Growers Network


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Project Overview

The Global Growers Farmer Development Initiative has strengthened the local supply chain by establishing a pipeline for beginning farmers through an incubator farm program track and an independent farm program track. The primary focus has been on farmers who are underserved and underrepresented in our communities, including refugees/immigrants, limited-resource farmers, military veterans, and farmers of color. Two incubator farm sites offered land-based education programs to support the development of new farm businesses. Independent beginning farmers had access to a direct assistance program to develop and implement individual action plans and benchmarking. Participating farmers also had access to direct and wholesale markets. The Initiative leveraged strategic partnerships to create access to land, knowledge, resources, and markets that increased the number of producers of sustainably grown, nutritious food for local distribution and prepared beginning farmers to be competitive in their local marketplace. The cumulative experience and expertise of participating organizations and their shared vision enabled the Initiative to efficiently achieve the outcomes detailed herein and to build capacity to sustain the program beyond the project period.

Number of Participants: 63


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