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Enhancing the Success and Viability of Beginner Farmer Ranchers in Central Oregon
[Final Report]

Award Amount: $282,902
Grant Program: 2020 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: Katrina Van Dis
Organization: High Desert Food & Farm Alliance


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Project Overview

The High Desert Food & Farm Alliance continues to collaborate with Oregon State University staff and regional and state-wide partners to improve and ensure farm and ranch viability in Central Oregon through targeted educational activities, mentoring, improved market access, and diversification. This project is currently being implemented in the tri-county region, and serves primarily small family farmers and ranchers who grow and raise food for local markets.  The project is improving farming practices and market diversification through educational, networking, grant, and mentoring opportunities; has developed and implemented a regional agri-tourism project (the High Desert Food Trail); is providing assistance to the Central Oregon Veterans Ranch to develop and sustain a livestock program with a dual therapeutic and economic focus; and improving farmer and rancher understanding and engagement in public policies that affect their operations.

These objectives are being accomplished through a number of activities including: in person and virtual workshops and hands-on educational demonstrations at regional farms and ranches, butchering facilities and grocery stores; a farmer/rancher mentorship program; on-farm pasture and greenhouse management for veterans; and publishing of print and online materials for consumer education and engagement. These activities are designed to enhance participants’ success with sustainability augmented through peer-learning, support services, and learning opportunities. With the supplemental funding to the original award, HDFFA distributed On-Farm Efficiency Grant (OFEG) funds to 15 Central Oregon farms and ranches, 13 of which were supported by this grant. This financial support has enabled BFR to make substantial improvements to their operations, including season extenders and enhanced irrigation. HDFFA takes an iterative approach, evaluating each project to inform program improvement and overall success and impact. The target audience is 250 individuals with a direct impact on 60 beginning farmers and ranchers. The project is collectively impacting regional farmers, ranchers and consumers, while simultaneously informing regional and state-wide organizations.

Number of Participants: 4240


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