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Integrated Solutions to Achieve Farmland Access for New Farmers
[Progress Report]

Award Amount: $576,017
Grant Program: 2017 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: Jan Joannides
Organization: Renewing the Countryside


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Project Overview

With this project, Renewing the Countryside is completing a comprehensive, multi-year
project that addresses farmland access challenges facing beginning farmers in Minnesota,
Wisconsin and Iowa. We and our partners have developed an integrated process that assists new, resource-limited farmers in accessing farmland that is a good match for their operation and offers secure terms.

In Year 1 of this project: our collaboration has:
• Conducted seven farmland access literacy trainings (including 1 webinar) reaching 239 farmers. An abridged version was also presented to 360 college and university students.
• Convened 13 farmers to attend an in-depth farmland access bootcamp to become better prepared for pursuing their land access goals. (Three more bootcamps are scheduled.)
• Connected 306 beginning farmers and 133 people who work with far mers to resources.
• Launched the Farmland Access Hub, with four Farmland Access Navigators that have provided in-depth support to 14 beginning farmers, four of which have attained favorable rental agreements.

• Initiated a media campaign that will reach 40,000 people. The goal of this media campaign is to build awareness around the systemic farmland access barriers for beginning farmers and rally supporters together to help identify and implement regional initiatives to overcome such barriers.
• Started planning a Farmland Access Summit, with a goal of at least 100 stakeholders including, policy makers, service providers and farmers attending. 

Number of Participants: 1081


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