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Developing New and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Using the Model Farm Concept
[Progress Report]

Award Amount: $524,632
Grant Program: 2014 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: Billy Lawton
Organization: Prairie View A&M University


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Project Overview

This project has recruited and enhanced the sustainability of new and beginning farmers and ranchers in Texas by helping them develop successful farm and ranch operations using the "Model Farm Concept". 

(1) We have established and in the process of starting model farms on our campus farm and in several of the counties that we have agents located.  The model farms includes High Tunnels for year round vegetable production, one acre commercial gardening plots (43,560 Initiative), strawberries, grafted cucumber production, sweet potatoes and peas production.  We have also conducted workshops and field days to expose producers to these production areas and to connect them to mentor farmers/ranchers as well as USDA personnel. 

 (2) We have provided scale-appropriate instructional and experiential training in production, business management and marketing; via field days, bus tours and workshops. We have engaged producers in hands-on-learning some examples of this have been the Agriculture Field Day, Small Farm Outreach Workshop, Soil Health Series, and Agroforestry Workshop.

(3) We have developed an effective partnerships between Beginning Farmers and Ranchers (BFRs) and USDA, State agencies, CBOs and other successful farmers by creating mentorship opportunities and facilitating information sharing on programs and services available to them.

(4) We have developed a BFR database in which we delivered targeted program and marketing information  as well a disseminated  information to our target audience.  This has been a joint effort between the Agricultural and Natural Resource (AGNR) unit of our Cooperative Extension Program (CEP) and the two prominent CBOs working closely together.

Number of Participants: 2186


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