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Agroforestry Training For Native Hawaiians To Increase Economic Opportunity, Food Security And Cultural Connection
[Final Report]

Award Amount: $598,170
Grant Program: 2018 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: Fred Krauss
Organization: Halau Kealaokamaile


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Project Overview

We increased the number and enhanced the success of Native Hawaiian farmers to grow new agroforestry projects and improve resource management of existing projects. This project increased economic opportunity, food security and cultural connection to the forest in the Native Hawaiian community of Maui.

Objectives completed:

1) Trained 150 new and beginning Native Hawaiian farmers in agroforestry

2) Engaged 30 new Native Hawaiian youth in agroforestry as a career path

3) Enhanced the success of 50 beginning agroforesters

Future objectives to be fulfilled:

1) Facilitate 20 new farmers in designing an agroforestry/native reforestation project

2) Establish a demonstration farm cultivated by 100 new Native Hawaiian farmers

3) Provide land to 2 Native Hawaiian farmers to cultivate native crops and enter markets

4) Develop 10 new markets for agroforestry cultural crops.

To accomplish the goal we will conduct monthly classroom and hands-on workshops for an additional two years which are culturally appropriate and targeted at Native Hawaiian adults and youth.
We have established a new training program aimed at recruiting new agroforestry farmers (forest management and crop farming practices) and natural resource managers.

Number of Participants: 400


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