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Access to Land for New England`s Beginning Farmers: Phase 2
[Progress Report]

Award Amount: $641,222
Grant Program: 2015 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: Kathy Ruhf
Organization: Land For Good


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Project Overview

Access to land is one of the biggest challenges for beginning farmers (BF) in New England. In this project, Land For Good, its partners and 40 collaborators is enabling at least 2,000 BFs to access land or improve their tenure situation in six New England states. Our goals are to: improve BFs’ readiness to successfully access land to farm; enable effective farm succession and transfer to BFs; improve how BFs find and evaluate farm properties and connect with landowners; educate professionals and BFs about innovative approaches and methods; and strengthen programs that help BFs access land and improve the conditions for farmland access in New England and nationally.

Through coordinated teams and task forces, we developed a curriculum for our 3-session Succession School which was held in three states this year, and updated our 8-module online Acquiring Your Farm course.  We conducted educational activities such as land access workshops, and a 2-day cross-discipline succession training for attorneys and other advisors. LFG continues to provide direct “coaching” to farm seekers, landowners and transitioning farmers. We have improved the region's farm link programs and revamped our regional online farm property posting website and the Farm Transfer Network of New England website. We are producing new tools including an online “build-a-lease,” a tenure decision tree, and a property posting guide. To date, over 2,800 BFs have gained information and advice from project activities and providers. Experts are investigating innovative and successful practices, including affordable farmer housing and land access for commercial urban farming. We held our second project convening for over 40 collaborators. In cooperation with USDA, we held a national conference in June 2017 for 220 service providers, agency personnel and advocates from 40 states. We shared learnings to build land access and transfer programs for BFs in all regions. 

Number of Participants: 4752


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