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Nevada Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Project
[Final Report]

Award Amount: $692,433
Grant Program: 2014 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Awards
Project Director: Staci Emm
Organization: University of Nevada Reno Cooperative Extension


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Project Overview

The long-term goal of this StandardBFRDP Project Renewal is to enhance the capacity of Nevada’s beginning farmers and ranchers (BRFs) to own, operate and sustain viable agricultural operations. The short-term goal is to increase BFRs’ participation in USDA programs including farm loan purchases, entering new markets, starting and sustaining an agriculture operation, and entering into land leases.  Training programs are organized to include the following specific objectives: 1)Increase Nevada’s BFRs’ communication, entrepreneurship, business and financial management skills necessary to own, operate and sustain an agricultural operation; 2) Increase Nevada’s BFRs’ basic farming skills; 3) Increase Nevada’s BFRs’ basic skills in livestock and poultry production; 4) Increase Nevada’s BFRs’ basic skills in viticulture;  5) Provide mentorship of BFRs following training programs to provide ongoing guidance and support for overall BFR business success; 6) Integrate USDA agricultural assistance programs into all BFR programs; and 7) Target socially disadvantaged and limited resource farmers and ranchers; and evaluate overall BFR program.

American Indians, military veterans, Hispanics, women and low-income individuals comprise significant proportions of Nevada’s total population and qualify as socially disadvantaged and limited resource BFR.  More than 7% of the total budget is allocated to targeting these individuals through tailored curriculum materials, mentorships/outreach specialists with salary dollars allocated to hire specific expertise, including bi-cultural/bi-lingual individuals to work with and mentor socially disadvantaged and limited resource BFRs.  Total funds requested for 3 years are $749,926.  Due to the remote geographic location of many agricultural operations in Nevada, both long-distance and in-person education is critical to encourage BFRs to continually participate and accomplish project goals. Impacts will be measured through a combination of instruments and methodologies focusing on participatory evaluation producing both quantitative and qualitative project impacts.

Number of Participants: 344


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